Cellini carries out two different types of engraving.

1. Hand Engraving (sometimes called Surface Engraving) can be added on Cellini items of jewellery. As this is designed and cut by hand, there is no limit to the design, size, or style of the inscriptions. A client's handwriting, for instance, can be copied. Apart from inscriptions on gold, silver, platinum, and pewter, one of the most popular applications is the hand engraving of inscriptions and dates inside wedding bands. (No excuses for a gentleman to forget his wedding anniversary!)

2. Seal Engraving is traditionally applied to signet rings, where a family crest or coat of arms is cut deeply into the head of the ring, traditionally enabling the ring to be used as a seal when pressed into molten wax. Cellini maintains publications identifying and illustrating the crests for families in England, Scotland, Ireland & Wales. Cellini makes a range of solid signet rings designed specifically for seal engraving.

For further information, on costs and current timescales, please ring 01223 517700 or email jewellery@cellini.co.uk