Due to staff shortages, our valuation services have been partly suspended for the foreseeable future. We will be limiting the amount of valuations we take on and can only value items previously sold by Cellini or items we have previously valued. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Valuations should be very accurate, properly illustrated, clear to both client and insurer, free from misinterpretation, and easily updated at any time in the future.

Cellini valuations are carried out in-house by qualified NAG (National Association of Goldsmiths) Registered Valuers, who are also required to have the FGA (Fellowship of the Gemmological Association) qualification.

Every measurable detail is recorded; including calculated stone weights, diamond and coloured stone gradings, metal standards, manufacturing details, hallmarking information, and item weights.

In the event of a future loss, the accuracy of the records prevents an insurer arguing for replacement with a lower quality item or offering lesser compensation, and enables positive identification of recovered items.

The current bullion prices and currency conversion rates are stated on each valuation document, factors that will have a bearing on future values. Each item is digitally photographed, and the picture included with the description of each item. Valuation documents are supplied as paper documents, or emailed as PDF if requested.

After completion, every valuation is stored on a secure disc system.  In the event that the client misplaces their paper copies, or changes their address, new copies can be re-issued without charge. 

Charges are assessed on time, and not charged as a percentage of the value. The valuers will be pleased to screen incoming items and offer advice.

For details or further information please ring 01223 517700 or email