Pearl and bead restringing

Cellini is one of the few companies to operate a full time, on site, pearl and bead restring service. Traditionally restringing is still carried out by hand, mainly on silk, or silk and polyester mixed yarns. Cellini still uses silk, although most trade stringing today is carried out on polyester. Silk has been used for thousands of years and gives a unique flexability that ensures that a necklace will always hang perfectly.

Pearls are normally strung with closely tied knots between each pearl to minimise wear, separating each pearl from the next, and to give the necklace the maximum flexibility. The pearl stringer will be able to choose from numerous weights of silk to suit individual pearl sizes, as well as a huge variety of colours to match beads and coloured stones.

Cellini holds large stocks of loose pearls for matching to existing strands, to enable a necklace to be extended, or to match single earrings where one has been lost.

The section operates under the supervision of the Pearl Manager, who will be able to offer information and advice.

The pearl stringing section operates from 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday inclusive. Depending on volumes of work an express day service is often available, with less urgent work generally completed within a seven day period.

There is also a postal service, with all items returned by registerted post, for which postage is charged at cost.

Cellini, 4 Rose Crescent, Cambridge, CB2 3LL

For further information please ring 01223 517700 or email