Baroque Pearls

Baroque is a general term applied to any non-round seawater pearl, from any fishery. In fact "Baroque" is the more natural shape for a pearl, with round being the unusual shape!

In the late 19th Century, during the last era of Natural Pearls, round pearls were very rare, and were the most highly prized. When farmed cultured pearls production began, the aim was to try to create the round pearls as these were considered to be the most desirable, therefore cultured pearls started with the insertion of a perfectly round mother-of-pearl bead nucleus. From this point in time roundness in pearls was considered the norm.

Today, despite advances in culturing techniques, still only about one in every hundred cultured pearls is perfectly round. Baroque pearls, with their lower prices still represent one of the best buys in the pearl trade, a more natural look with an individual identity.

Cellini has always specialised in Baroque pearls from different fisheries because of their individuality.

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