Natural Black Polynesian Cultured Pearls

The world's only Natural Black Cultured Pearls

The large South Seas Black Lipped oyster, (Pinctada Margaritafera), whose natural habitat stretches across the waters around Tahiti and the islands of Polynesia, produces the world's only Natural Black and Grey cultured pearls. These pearls tend to be large with sizes that are rarely less than 8mm and can exceed a diameter of 18mm.

The colour of Tahitian pearls varies from soft grey, through to intense black, sometimes with green or pink undertones, and more recently in chocolate and bronze colours.

Black pearls in the finest qualities are exported onto the international market, with the Polynesian government now imposing strict quality control standards. Increased production in recent years has led to a generally more affordable price level for one of the world's most exotic pearls.

Cellini specializes in fine quality Tahitian pearls in mainstream black, dark and soft greys, and in some of the exotic natural mixed colors, as well as some of the smaller, more delicate sizes.

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