One of the most elegant and sophisticated of all the gems, pearls have one of the longest recorded histories stretching back before the Ancient Egyptians and the Roman Empire, and until the twentieth century the preserve of monarchies and the fabulously wealthy. Today the choice of beautiful pearls from fisheries around the world is a story in itself.

Cellini probably holds the largest stock of pearls in the country, with a vast selection of necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. There is also a huge reserve stock of loose pearls and strands, available for special bespoke designs. The company has additionally always specialized in the unusual and the exotic.

All work is carried out in-house so necklaces and bracelets can be quickly strung to any length, and rings altered to obtain the perfect fit.

Cellini buyers select and ship pearls direct from around the world, holding a stock of pearls from China, Japan, Australia, and Polynesia. These sources now offer the pearl buyer an almost endless, but ever changing, variety of colours, sizes, and shapes.

There is considerable confusion about pearls and their origin, and the links will help to answer some of the most frequently asked questions as well as offer a short history of the principal pearl fisheries. Attached to each link is a gallery of pearls and designs, illustrating each type of pearl.

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