Quality of Pearls

Traditionally the quality, and therefore price, of a pearl is based on three factors, the COLOUR, LUSTRE, and SHAPE.

For seawater pearls, the most sought after colour is White/Rose', white with a delicate pale pink undertone. Lustre is more obvious, the brighter and deeper the lustre, the higher quality the pearl. Shape as previously shown is widely regarded as a factor, the more perfectly round, the rarer and more expensive the pearl.

At Cellini, we also look at additional factors, in the case of seawater pearls with a nucleus; we also look at the thickness of the layers and, absence, or the number of natural marks on the surface.

In the case of Chinese non-nucleated pearls, shape and the lustre are important factors. In the case of colour, the traditional desirability of a soft pink coloration still applies, but in this type of pearl there are a series of unusual and rare colours. These particular pearls are sometimes found in perfect long pear-shapes that are very suitable for drop pendants and earrings. In many ways, Chinese non-nucleated pearls are the rapidly rising stars of the pearl trade, as they are solid, therefore very durable, and more closely resemble the Natural pearls of the past.

In the case of black Tahitian pearls, shape, lustre, surface marking, depth of colour, and matching are important factors. In Europe the steely dark greys, dark grey-green, or black with a green undertone are the most prized.

Indonesian natural gold colour pearls have a price dependant on the normal lustre and absence of surface markings, but the depth of colour is the predominant factor. Cellini ships only undrilled Indonesian pearls to ensure that they have not been subject to any colour enhancing treatments.

If you would like further information, or advice on pearls, please feel free to contact Cellini on the listed telephone numbers or by e-mail. Cellini keeps the largest stock of pearls in the UK, from which clients can choose individual pearl sizes, lengths and colours. All stringing, still on silk, is carried out on the premises so necklaces and bracelets may be quickly strung to any length or design.

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