Precious Metals

Gold and silver have been used since ancient times because of their ease of working, and their resistance to tarnishing. Platinum, a hard metal with a high melting point, is difficult to fashion, but has an important place in the more recent history of jewellery design.

These precious metals are generally alloyed with other metals to make them more durable for everyday wear, creating a number of standards of purity. The purity of the precious metals often varies from country to country. Since the 14th Century, Britain has maintained strict legal controls on the standards of silver, regulations that were later applied to gold and platinum.

All jewellery at Cellini is created in 18 carat yellow gold, 18 carat white Gold, Platinum, and Sterling Silver. Our aim is make the finest jewellery by selecting the very best materials for the task, creating the most aesthetically pleasing designs, but ones that encompass the best engineering principles.

If you would like to know more about the precious metals used in jewellery, the links on the left are designed to clarify the varied uses of precious metals, and answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

Colours of Gold Gold Platinum Silver