Cellini Diamond Policy

Cellini ships all diamonds directly from accredited cutting sources guaranteeing their origin is not from areas of conflict.

Cellini has its own trained diamond graders who are responsible for the sorting, selection, and shipping of the diamonds used in the company's designs.

Cellini uses diamonds of the highest qualities only, using diamonds in the top four colour grades, D,E,F & G, and the top three clarity grades, IF (Internally Flawless), VVS, and VS.

All Diamonds weighing below a half carat (.50cts) will be guaranteed "F/G" colour and IF-Vs2 clarities. Diamonds weighing above half-carat, (.50cts) will be independently Laboratory Certificated. Cellini accepts only GIA, IGI, and HRD certificates. (See CERTIFICATION for details).

Cellini will not accept any artificial treatments applied to diamonds. There are a number of treatments commonly applied to diamonds, such as "Fracture Filling" where large inclusions are removed from the diamond using a laser, and the spaces created replaced with a molten glass infill.

Cellini holds stocks of loose certificated diamonds available for clients to choose for individual bespoke designs. The company also specializes in diamonds of the ultimate quality, the perfect "D" Colour and "Internally Flawless".

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