Certificated Diamonds

Certification means that the diamond has been submitted to an independent Gem Testing Laboratory, whose expert diamond graders examine the stone, and list all the relevant details on a "Report" or "Certificate" which accompanies the stone, and forms part of its official documentation after its sale.

There are a number of gem testing laboratories around the world. Cellini will only accept certificates from three laboratories
GIA (Gemological Institute of America)
IGI (International Gemological Institute)
HRD the Diamond High Council (Antwerp)
These three laboratories, in our experience, consistently apply the most rigorous standard of testing.

The Certification process offers precise information on the diamonds, weight, colour, and clarity, quality of the cut, proportions, and symmetry, as well as "fluorescence" and other identifying features of the stone, which will have a bearing on the quality, and therefore the price of the diamond.

Because of costs involved in grading, most certificated diamonds are in excess of a half carat. Any client purchasing a diamond of half a carat in weight or above, should always ensure that the diamond is certificated by a recognized independent laboratory.

At Cellini all diamonds, weighing over a half carat, will be certificated. Cellini only uses diamonds in the top four colour grades, D, E, F, & G, and of the top three clarity grades, IF,VVS, and VS, and cut to precise proportions.

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