Aquamarine, literally "the colour of the Sea" the birthstone for those born in March, appropriately symbolises the gentle virtues of Happiness and Understanding.

Aquamarine belongs to the Beryl group of gemstones that also includes Emerald, golden Heliodor, and the pink Morganite. However unlike emerald, aquamarine generally is free of inclusions and can in its natural form, occur in metre long flawless hexagonal crystals.

It is the intensity of the colour that largely defines the quality of the stone, with most aquamarines being almost colourless. Aquamarine is found in Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Russia, and Nigeria, but the finest quality comes from Brazil, and in particular from the Santa Maria Mine, which produced aquamarines of a particularly deep colour. This intense colour was classified by its origin and called "Santa Maria" A similar intense sea blue aquamarine has more recently been discovered in Mozambique, and known as "Santa Maria Africana" and it is from this source that Cellini selects its finest stones.

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