As the summer cools, those born in September have Sapphire as their birthstone, a fine gemstone appropriately symbolizing Serenity and Truth.

Sapphire comes from the Old French "safir", descended from the Latin "sapphirus" and earlier from the original Greek "sappheiros", a word probably describing Lapis lazuli, the intense blue stone from Afghanistan, and a name widely applied to many blue stones in antiquity.

In fact there are a cornucopia of sapphires colours, a series of brilliant blues of course, but also yellow, peach, orange, mauve, purple, and a delicious series of pinks and mauves (latterly from mines in Madagascar).

Cellini has always specialized in the rare and unusual colours of many gems, particularly the sapphires. Illustrated here are some of the many handmade sapphire rings made in the Cellini workshops, including some of the rare sapphire colours.

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