South Sea Cultured Pearls

The World's Largest and most Expensive Pearls

The Pacific Ocean is home to varieties of large oysters whose capacity enables the production of the world's largest pearls. The Australian waters off the western coast are the home of the world's largest oyster, (Pinctada Maxima) which is capable of producing white, soft-pink, cream, and gold pearls. Sizes of pearls range from 10mm - 20mm diameter.

Natural cream and gold cultured colour pearls are also being harvested from the seas amongst the islands of Indonesia and the Philippines.

From the 1880's until the Second World War the thick shell of this huge oyster provided the world's mother-of-pearl inlays and shirt buttons! The pearl farms of these fisheries are in the pristine but inhospitable waters off the Western Australian coast.

The beautiful clean blue waters enable Australian pearl farms to produce the world's largest and most expensive pearls.

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